He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46 kjv)

The Final Answer

Today, many disrespectful names are being associated with God.  What needs to be discovered is, is what we're hearing, a personal opinion, or can it be proven that the "expressed words" being spoken exist, in the written Word of God (the Bible)?  Today, many say, the Bible is false, or a lie, or written by a mad man.  Now, here's the important part.  Have "you" read it for yourself?  Do you research ...even study, to confirm the very words you hear spoken by man?  Truth cannot be based on "hear say".  In life, we do not know truth, until we study a subject of interest, be it a person, or even an inanimate object. Each of us must find 
truth, through our own efforts.  It is not wise to take the words 
of man, no matter who he/she may be.  We need to discover 
Truth, viour own research.  If we haven't done so, why not 
star treading the Bible, let's say, start with the 
book of JOHN (New Testament), for starters, 
and hen lets share (not argue over) what 
we discover? I'm game.  
Are you?