He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46 kjv)

Overwhelmed by His Love

Last night, I spent much time worshiping my Heavenly Father.  His love and presence overwhelmed my heart as I, through that time of worship, sang songs to Him, of my love for Him.  As of late, it's becoming quite apparent to me, that one can never outdo the love of the Savior, for so much greater is His love for His people, than the availability of  the love we His people have, within our hearts, to extend to Him.  Even the times when I feel so great a love for others ... yes, even when the greatness of that love is extended towards the Lord, I realize my love is but a tiny speck compared to His deep and eternal love towards me ... towards all of us, in fact.  I am truly coming into a greater revelation of "1 Corinthians 13", the chapter regarding the subject of God's love (His merciful, gracious and caring love).  Surely we, His children should, above all, pursue the very love of God.  His instructions in this most powerful chapter of the Bible, are what God so desires of our lives ... that we should make it our utmost aim to pursue His love, for without His love burning within our hearts we, according to this writing of His Word, are nothing (see verse 2).  Today, why not prayerfully read "1 Corinthians 13", and consider it's contents.  Consider that it's God's desire to overshadow (and overtake) our hearts, filling them with His divine love ... that very same love, in fact, that took Jesus to the Cross for you and me! 

Be greatly blessed as you seek Him!   Marcia