He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46 kjv)

Love Poured Out

This past Sunday, the church I'm attending had a guest speaker.  I found myself most blessed (as well as deeply challenged) by the message the Lord had given him to share. It was a message on the woman with the alabastar jar of expensive perfume, which was broken, and it's contents poured upon the Savior by this woman, in preparation for His burial, and how the Pharisee in this story was angered at what he considered to be a great waste of such wealth (see Luke 7:36-50).  The visiting minister spoke on the heart of this woman ... the heart she had, towards Jesus ... a heart full of deep compassion and love towards the Savior.  He had much to share, on such a heart, and his challenge to each of us was to consider where "our" heart is.  When I got home, I found myself, throughout the day, considering this woman, and her ministry to Jesus.  As I did so, the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me how, so very often, we (though we may be christians ourselves) view some of God's most dedicated servants in like manner, from a carnal mind, a mind that views as the "world views", rather than how God Himself views such a dedicated heart.  I found myself searching my own heart, considering whether I myself think like the Pharisee in this story.  This woman had come to Jesus offering (most likely) all that she had regarding wordly goods (her most expensive perfume), and poured it upon Jesus head, preparing Him for burial.  She poured her best out upon Him, weeping through a heart of brokenness towards the Savior.  Great, at that moment, was the love contained in her heart, towards her Lord.  She then bowed herself in humility before Him, not even concerning herself what others around her might think of her. Her focus was on the Savior. As I pondered this story in my heart, the Lord allowed me to view it from "His point of view".  He revealed to me that oftentimes, even as christians, we ourselves treat some of God's most loving servants, in like manner.  Some may come into our lives that are "head over heels" (extremely) in love with Jesus, pouring out their very best upon the Savior ... giving their entire all to Him ... their entire heart ... their entire life. How often do we respond to such commitment in others, with that same attitude of heart, which the Pharisee showed toward this woman? How often do we say, of a dedicated brother or sister, in Christ, "This one is going too far ... after all, there is a balance?", when the one being spoken of, has a heart after the Lord, like the woman in this story?  The Lord then asked me about my own heart.  He challenged me to consider my commitment towards Him.  Am I giving Jesus my all?  Am I pouring out my best upon Him ... all that I have ... all that I am?  Is it the wealth of knowing and having Christ in my life, that which my heart cries out for, or has the wealth of this world captured my affections?  I was challenged to consider if this (a heart after the things of this world) is my hearts condition, or do I pour the very best of myself out upon my Savior?  Am I viewing the King of kings as the greatest value of my heart and life, or is this world what I value most?  As the Pharisee had his mind set on ways the "world" could benefit from the riches of this perfume, do I think in such a fashion, or are my thoughts like that of this broken woman with the alabastar jar?  Are my thoughts consistently on what, in my life, I can do to pour out of myself, all that I have and all that I am, that I might bless my Savior, as did this woman?  Does He matter more to me than anything else?  What this woman did in honor of the Savior mattered so much to Him, that He proclaimed that wherever the gospel would be preached, her story would be told in memory of her (see Mark 14:3-9 ... especially verse 9).  Her story is still being told today. My prayer to the Lord is this ... "Father, do what you must in my heart ... in each of our hearts Lord, that we too might become dedicated servants such as the woman with the alabastar jar, that we, as did she, might bring honor and glory to Your Son, Jesus Christ". Amen!

As you walk hand in hand with Jesus this day, may the love in your heart be poured out upon Him!   Marcia