He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46 kjv)

" Living Pages"

I'd like to share with you "why" I see the Bible as more than "just a book".  Consider 

"In the beginning was the Word."  The Word was with God, The Word was God. The Word became flesh (Christ), and dwelt among us". 

Have you ever been reading your Bible (hopefully, you put your name in those pages when you do read, as though they are written just for you, personally, because they are), and suddenly, the scripture you're reading, "jumps out" at you, as though it just suddenly became alive ... suddenly it made sense ... suddenly you understood it's meaning?  One of the Greek meanings of "word" in the New Testament is "Logos", basically meaning, the bible as a book, the written Word.  However, when a verse, a sentence, a page, or a meaning, jumps out at you, and suddenly you "get the picture", you are receiving revelation of the Word, which in Greek, for "word" means (Rhema, or Rhema Word). It is then, the Bible takes on more of a meaning than just a book. The Word, then, imparts life, the very life of Christ (Christ being the living Word). There is life in the Words of Scripture ... the life of the living Wormd. When I read the Bible, I am open to those very words speaking life to me ... becoming life to me ... becoming life in me.  It's my hope you're understanding what I'm trying to share with you. The Bible is not just a book filled with typed scripture verses, on pages. The Bible is a book filled with Life. It speaks life ... breaths life ... and, gives life.  May the hunger in our hearts continue to grow, into a most living relationship with our Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name ... Amen! 

In His Love ... Marcia