He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46)

Jesus, My "Hiding Place"


HIDING PLACE ... His name. In Him is found the very place where we can seek refuge ... a place where we can literally hide from all the storms of this life, the very storms which are set forth to do us harm. Yes, Christ, our HIDING PLACE, is the very place of protection, the very place which shelters us from every raging storm. Let's check out the Strong's Concordance on the meaning of "HIDING PLACE".  Here's what I found: covering, secret place, hiding place, shelter and protection.

Now let's read Psalm 32:7, and see what is written regarding Jesus as our "HIDING PLACE" ....

Thou [art] my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah (Psalm 32:7 KJV).

I'm now going to look into some "keyword" meanings of this verse, and list them numerically:

1. I can run to Jesus (this One named "HIDING PLACE"), when troubled all about, and find in Him, my place of shelter (cover, covering, protection).

2. In this "HIDING PLACE", according to this verse, I am "preserved". Here's what I discoverd about being "preserved" in Christ, (my "HIDING PLACE"), and it's meaning (from Strong's): to watch, a watchman to keep, to guard from dangers, to observe, to be blockaded, to guard with fidelity and ... to be kept close.

3. It is when in "trouble", as I hide in Christ, all of these great promises against such trouble becomes a reality in my life. But "what trouble" is this verse speaking of? Let's gain some understanding, once again, from the Strong's Concordance, regarding "trouble": enemy, adversary, affliction, foes, sorrow, distress, oppressor.

4. Notice also in this verse, the words "songs of deliverance"? Let's look into the meaning of these words, but just before doing so, please take note that this verse also mentions we will be "compassed about". Let's first see what "compasses about" means: Strong's Concordance points out that "compass" means (there are many meanings to this word, however I'll apply just the ones that refer to this particular verse): "surround, encircle, change, circle about, skirt, make a circuit, change direction".

5. Lastly, let's look at the words "songs" and "deliverance".  Songs means: "ringing cry, shout, cry (of joy)", and the word "deliverance" means: "escape". So, here we find a relatively short verse in the Bible, yet filled with mighty words of promise. I'm now going to attempt to "paraphrase" all of what you've been reading, thus far:

Lord Jesus, You are my Hiding Place. It is in You, and in You only, that am I protected. You are my Watchman. Yes Lord, Your promise to me is to watch over me, and to faithfully guard my life from danger, setting up even a blockade, against the very paths of such danger. It is by Your Holy Spirit, that I am kept near to Your heart ... yes, so very close. When trouble comes my way ... when the enemy strikes against me, bringing sorrow, distress, and/or oppression ... when he attempts to afflict me, You, surround me, yes ... You encircle me with Your cry of joy ... with Your shout of victory, and in so doing, You set before me a path for victorious change. Because of You, precious Jesus, before me lies a new direction.  Before me lies a path of escape.  Before me lies the very road to "victory", such victory found only in You ... my "HIDING PLACE"!  Hallelujah!

Lord Jesus, how I praise You that, it is to You we can run and hide. I thank You for being unto each of us the promised "HIDING PLACE" from our enemies, and from the raging storms of life. Thank You Lord, that You protect our lives, and that it is by Your Holy Spirit, we are kept so very close to You. I so greatly love You Jesus, and will forever follow You ... Amen!

Be greatly blessed by the very hand of the Lord, as you daily walk with Him, resting in the assurance of His promise to you ... His promise to keep you safe, protected, covered and close to Him ... always. In His joy (our strength) ... Marcia.