He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46 kjv)

Jesus, The "Prophet"

As I looked into the name "JESUS" for today's Daily lesson (today's letter being the letter "J"), I found myself challenged to put together a lesson on "JESUS THE PROPHET", one of the names I found listed under "JESUS" names, so ... we will be looking at "JESUS, THE PROPHET"... yet we'll be finding ourselves concentrating especially on JESUS' name "PROPHET", the PROPHET of all times, the very PROPHET we are to follow ... yes ... the PROPHET ... "JESUS"!

This lesson is especially important, if one believes his or her calling of God to be that of a prophet. The one who believes this to be his or her calling, must follow the great PROPHET, in fact, the greatest PROPHET ever, the PROPHET above all prophets ... JESUS.

Today's lesson is one of great length, however, the subject of JESUS THE PROPHET cannot be told in a mere few words. This teaching is also an important lesson for those of you who do need a bit of training regarding the life of a "PROPHET", again, this is especially true if you yourself believe such a calling of the Lord, to be upon your own life. This lesson is meant to bring you balance in such a call, and also to help those of you who do not understand the life or call of a prophet, and have a desire to know more ... so let's get started by reading a few scripture verses that describe JESUS the PROPHET:

And he said unto them, What things? And they said unto him, Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people:(Luke 24:19 KJV)

Then those men, when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did, said, This is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world.(John 6:14 KJV)

And the multitude said, This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee.(Matt 21:11 KJV)

There's much talk of prophets these days. It seems many are getting on the bandwagon, and calling themselves "a prophet", but really, just what is a "prophet"? The Bible tells us that JESUS was a PROPHET. In fact, in God's Word, there are a few ways presented regarding Jesus as PROPHET. In the above scripture verses, you'll notice, JESUS is called "a" prophet, "that" prophet, and "the" prophet, so in reality, if we want to know what a prophet is, and what a prophet does, then we need only look at JESUS life to find the answer. Let's begin by looking up the word "prophet" in the Strong's Concordance, and discover some of the meanings that apply to the above verses, regarding JESUS as PROPHET, and do a bit of "expounding" regarding His life as "PROPHET".

1. In Greek writings, a PROPHET is one who is an interpreter of oracles or of other hidden things.

We know from scripture that JESUS both knew, and revealed the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, unto His servants (1 Cor 4:1-2). It is the same with the call of a prophet. Given unto him/her are mysteries of God, by the Holy Spirit, to be spoken forth, as God so leads.

The PROPHET receives revelation from God, via the Holy Spirit, into God's mysteries (always in accordance with God's written Word), and is given the ability to impart such revelation, as led of the Lord, to be given, or revealed to those whom the Lord so desires. Sad to say, within the hearts of many, not all desire to "hear". This is even so with many who proclaim to be His followers. Not all have open, listening hearts, and not all desire to hear "thus saith the heart of the Lord", so to those ones (according to Luke 8:10), are given by JESUS, parables

(stories in simple form).

2. A PROPHET is one who, when moved by the Holy Spirit of God' is a spokesman, in service "to" God.

JESUS, the Son of God, and of the Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), was moved by all He heard His Father speak. He was directed and led of the Holy Spirit, and He (JESUS) spoke "only" what He was instructed to speak (John 8:28), and in obedience to His Father, He went only where He was directed, or led, of His Father, to go. His life was one of "total submission, obedience and servant hood".

One called as a prophet must live precisely in the same manner. He or she must speak "only" what God directs and permits to be spoken, (which will always be confirmed by God's Word, as God will NEVER ask a prophet (or anyone for that matter) to speak anything in opposition to His written Word). The said prophet will act as "spokesman" for God" when, by the Holy Spirit of God, he or she is led to do so. A prophet does not operate by what he or she thinks, but by God's
truth and direction, alone.

3. A PROPHET is filled with the Spirit of God, whom by God's authority and command in words of weight pleads the cause of God and urges salvation of men.

JESUS, full of God's Spirit, spoke with great authority, and often with strong words ... words of weight. For as many great services as JESUS had ministered (healings, miracles, etc), the greatest cry of His heart was that "men might be saved". His cry was always that men might "know" His Father, that they might come into a relationship with the Father, sharing in His great love.

A prophet of the Lord is no different. He or she will find his/her own heart to be immersed in the Lord's heart ... feeling as He does, sharing His heart towards the lost, towards the Church, towards mankind. The heart of a true prophet is measured by the heart of God, because, he or she will have developing within his or her very self, God's heart. The prophet will experience how God's heart feels. The prophet will go through much brokenness, in preparation of his/her calling, just as JESUS Himself did. Just as JESUS knew the heart of His Father (they were one), so shall it be between a true prophet, and God.

4. A PROPHET discerns and does what is best for the Christian cause, foretelling certain future events.

JESUS came to seek and to save, and to build His Father's Church ... to prepare His Bride (the Bride of Christ). He spoke always of His Father's Kingdom, and of the promises, not only the promises of that day, but of the promises to come, even eternal promises. He would tell of the days ahead, the days to come, and even of the "end of the age", but always were His words meant to stir the crowds into making a decision to follow Him (into all truth).

The calling of a prophet is the same. A true prophet expounds to mankind, righteous living for God, and he ot she lives to please God Alone. Yes, the prophet also gives utterances of the days to come, but such utterances (or messages) are always meant to draw its listeners into the Kingdom of God, and into a relationship with the Heavenly Father. Like Christ (THE CHIEF PROPHET), the heart of a prophet is always mindful of the lost condition of the hearts of men, and his/her message is always one that calls those who will listen, those who will hear, to repent, and to enter into a committed relationship ... a committed life, with God.

5. In the religious assemblies of the Christians, PROPHETS were moved by the Holy Spirit to speak, having power to instruct, comfort, encourage, rebuke, convict, and stimulate, their hearers.

Here especially fits JESUS the PROPHET, perfectly. JESUS' ministry to the people was always to minister to the needs of His hearers. If the one (or the crowd) He spoke to needed comfort, He was Comforter. He was their encouragment, when encouragement was needed. If it was instructions the people needed, instructions they were given. When conviction or rebuke was necessary, He spoke words of conviction, yes, words of rebuke. JESUS was never known to speak what His listeners "wanted" to hear, but rather, He spoke what His listeners "needed" to hear. Yes, always did He stimulate the minds of His hearers, sometimes bringing them joy, and sometimes bringing them sorrow ... sorrow over their sin.  A prophet is called to do likewise. Unfortunately, it seems so often that those called as prophets have no problem speaking those words of conviction and rebuke. Generally, prophets are bold, and find no problem bringing on the "heavy artillery type of messages", however, if the prophet is to speak, and to minister as did JESUS, then he/she will also impart words of encouragement, and words of comfort, bringing about healing to those who are hurting. A hardened prophet will come to learn the truth, that he or she is "not" here to rebuke only (or, to straighten up mankind), but rather to instruct those needing to be instructed, and, once again, to bring comfort and encouragement to those in need of such encouragement, and a healing touch to those who are hurting, yes, to those who are ill, and the prophet is called to equip Christ's Body for the work of the ministry, thus edifying, or building up Christ's Body, that His Body come into unity, and into full understanding of Christ, thus being perfected in Him (Eph 4:12-13). Great balance of message and service is needed within the life of a prophet. Just look at JESUS, and remember, His message was "always" a message of "LOVE". Everything He did, everything He was, and everything He spoke was out of, and about love. So must it be with a true prophet of God.  He is called to represent God to God's people. 

6. And of course, listed in the Greek meanings of PROPHET is ...


Here is where I would like to apply Matt 21:11, where it is spoken that JESUS is "THE" PROPHET. Yes, He is "THE" PROPHET, and the very One we must follow. Keep in mind always, that for each of us who follow after the Lord (no matter what His call upon our life might be), we are to measure our lives and callings to the findings of God's Word (the Bible) ... the very BOOK by which we are to measure "all" things pertaining to our lives, and by HIS heart ... His heart of love. Let all who are called to such a ministry, walk in humility before JESUS, and measure his/her life after Him. If you are called as a prophet, then your call from God is to follow after "THE" PROPHET ... JESUS, and have a heart like His!

Father, thank You for JESUS, Who indeed is "THE PROPHET" of all times. We only need to look to Him Father, to understand the life of the prophet ... in fact, we only need to look to JESUS to understand the life of any and every calling upon our lives, which we know comes from YOU.  This we know as well, that within the life of JESUS, every type of service in Your Kingdom, is of great value and importance. Father, I pray this day, that each of us, no matter which way we are called to serve in Your Kingdom, will be mindful always, to look to "JESUS" as "THE" PROPHET and ... to follow after Him, walking in obedience

to all that He asks of us. Amen.

May you see "JESUS" THE PROPHET, in a whole new light this day, and may you be greatly blessed! in your service to Him,