He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46 kjv)

 In The Beginning, The Word
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Should I count myself worthy of such intimacy between God, and myself. My experience is this: Because of Christ's sacrifice (the giving of His sin free life, for mine), through Him, I can share such love and beauty, and a "continual fellowship" with God.  I believe, in my heart, that not one of us, in our own strength, in our own flesh, can be, or is, worthy.  I believe there is not one of us, so sin free, we can say we have a right to fellowship with the most Holy God.  The story of Jesus (my Savior, and, most alive to me), and His stain free life, to myself, and to the true Christian world, is very real, and fellowship with God (our Heavenly Father), is likewise, a reality.  That's where the believers deep passion, towards God, comes into play. We so deeply desire that others, who have no peace, who've not yet discovered such freedom, in Christ, that they too, might discover such wondrous, and wonderful, intimacy with God, through Christ's sacrifice. I know, there are those, that think this to be, a bunch of nonsense. To the Christian, it's very, very real (something we strongly know, experience and believe, within) ... something many of us would literally give our life for, if need be. 

I believe, through Christ, we're made worthy.  In my life, it's a known fact of how appreciative I am, for all that He has done for me, and for the multitude of times He's blessed me (more times than I can count).  I stand amazed at, and by, Him.  This is what sets my heart to dancing, what causes me to believe no one has to wait until they are holy, or pure enough to fellowship with God.  In my life it's been proven (I could probably write a book), regarding the greatness of God.  I can only hope others will discover such reality of His great love.  May His blessings be great in your life!  Amen.

The greatest of blessings upon you!