He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46 kjv)

Heart, Bless The Lord

There are many ways in which we can express our love, our worship and our praises to the Lord. We can sing for joy, to Him (not about Him, but "to" Him). Singing "about" Him is absolutely fine, as the message we sing shares "about" Him to others, however, in order to minister our worship and our praise "to" the Lord, we must sing, shout, cry out, etc. directly from our hearts "to" His. We can also show Him our love and appreciation through many forms of music, and yes, even through those "shouts" of praise (make a joyful noise), even singing psalms to Him, as is mentioned in Psalm 95:2. Humbly, and in quietness, we can bow down, and kneel before Him. This would fall under "reverent worship" ... worship that comes from the depths of the heart, that in all humility, brings with it, respect, reverence and honor unto the Lord.

In Psalm 95, mentioned are several reasons for such ministry unto God. The reasons given for such honorable worship and praise to be ministered from our hearts to His are:

1. He is the Rock of our Salvation
2. He is the great God and King, of all gods ("all gods" referring to judges, rulers, etc.)
3. In His hand is the depths of the earth
4. The heights of the hills belong to Him
5. He made the sea; it belongs to Him
6. With His hands, He formed the dry land
7. He is our God, our Shepherd

These are but a few of the reasons we should honor God with hearts of worship, and hearts of praise! This week, why not allow the words of Psalm 95 to touch your heart, as you seek to worship the King? I'll do the same! Have a melodious heart of worship today, and every day, as You bless His majestic name!

In His love ... Marcia