He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46 kjv)

                             Count The Cost

There is a cost, a price to pay, which Jesus tells of, in His Word, when one stands up for the Word of God, and, in truth, that price certainly doesn't win any popularity contests. If you think about how hated Christ was, how hated His disciples were, yes, even beaten and imprisoned, etc. because of the Truth, well, in these days, in which we live, I think we're beginning to discover this same hatred toward  God's Word, to be greatly on the rise.  I am discovering, on a daily basis, many that I meet, proclaim the Bible to be nothing but lies and deceptions, and written, not by the true God, but by but by man.  The hatred toward the God of the Bible, is feerce!  The most important thing is, that we learn to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and speak only those things He would have us speak, and not that of ourselves. I truly believe, there's an urgent need for discernment to the heart and mind of the Christian. It's not always easy to know what is God motivated, verses what is self motivated, however, the more we mature in Him, the more we grow in His Word, the more confident we become, in knowing what it is He desires of us.  Be blessed!