He is the Light. Walk in His Light & Follow Him (John 12:46 kjv)


Yet another name for Christ. As I said the other day, when I began to share just some of the names of Christ, there are some 220 names for Christ, and "COMMANDER" is one of them. Let's talk about Christ, as COMMANDER.

So often we look at, or perceive Christ as the gentle Shepherd, and certainly, there's nothing wrong in doing so, as that is one of His names (Shepherd), and that is who He is ... gentle in nature, in fact ... gentle, loving and kind is He. At the same time, He is to be our "AUTHORITY". Consider a commander in this world. He is one that is "in charge". He is the decision maker, and if you or I were under such a commander, it would be a mistake on our part to argue with, rebel against, or disobey such a commander. If we were to do so, we would be in direct disobedience to him or her, and would find ourselves to be reprimanded (or worse).  Please, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Jesus is sitting around waiting to "nail you", as that in itself is a most deceptive perception of our Savior. He loves you dearly. He loves me too. Remember ... His love went to the Cross! In most cases, so do our parents, or our guardians, or whoever might have authority over each one of us, love us. I realize that this is not always the case. Not always do we experience a loving relationship with those in authority over us, and how truly sad and tragic that is. With Jesus, this is not the case, and all the more reason to come into a relationship with Him, as His divine love fulfills all (and more) of the love which you and I might  so missed in our lifetime, especially during our childhood. It's so simple, really. Just ask Him to come into your heart, and be your Friend and Savior. He's right there, waiting for the invitation.

Now to continue with Christ as "COMMANDER". As I stated, in this world, it is expected of us to be in submission to those in authority over us, in fact such submission is taught in the Bible. To not do so, is to find our lives in total disrupt. Unfortunately, as I mentioned a moment ago, oftentimes, those we must submit to, those who are over us in authority, might prove to be taskmasters ... perhaps even cruel to us. With Jesus, you will never find this to be the case. He is, (because He is love ... and ... even when I find myself being disciplined by Him), most loving, even when applying His hand of correction in my life. When I hear Him say to me "DO NOT DO THAT!" (and I do hear Him speak that to me from time to time), there is always such love included in His command to me. I find it easy to say "Yes Sir", to the Lord, when being reprimanded, or disciplined by Him, because His discipline comes with such great love. So how then, to us, is Christ to be our COMMANDER?  Let's take a look at what the "Strong's Concordance" says about commander ...

A commander has the authority: to take (or give) charge, to appoint, to commission, to bade (invite, direct), to give orders, and (this one I find most exciting) ... to ordain (of divine act).

So Jesus, as our COMMANDER, has the authority not only as gentle Shepherd, but as the very one to take charge of our lives (if we allow Him to do so), to give orders (He knows, much more than we do, what's best for our lives), and so ... as we walk with Him, He will always lead us to the path that is the very best for us.

Consider this verse in:

Psalm 23:2: 

He leads me besides the still waters

Or His promise in:

Psalm 25:5:

He leads me into truth.

I could fill a multitude of pages in this article, by sharing with you a most lengthy list of all the positive, progressive ways or forward advancements you will find taking place in your life, as you allow Jesus to be your COMMANDER. Here's a verse I'd especially like to share with you, a verse that points out, that as we allow Jesus to be in charge of our lives ... to take charge of our hearts ... to do so, is to be led of Him into life everlasting:

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if [there be any] wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting (Psalm 139:23-24).

This verse points out the reason "why" it's imperative that we give Christ complete control of our hearts, and it also points out His promise to us, if we do. As we allow Him to be our COMMANDER, we give to Him the freedom to open up Heaven's doors to a life spent eternally with Him ... Jesus ... the very one who loves us beyond anything we can imagine. One last thing, while we're sharing the meanings of the name commander. Notice in most of the meanings in Christ's name as "COMMANDER", there's a general direction towards being "appointed"? Here lies His call on our lives. It is He who appoints us ... who commissions us, who directs us, who gives us our orders. Yes, it is He who divinely ordains us to serve with Him, in His Kingdom, as He so chooses. In my life, I have no doubt that it's Christ I desire to have in charge of my life. It's Christ who I want to be the COMMANDER of my heart ... the COMMANDER of my life. To desire anything less, would be to walk away from the very best ... that being, a life lived with Christ! I pray today, that each of you might see all the goodness the Lord waits to impart to you, and also, that He might reveal to you the glorious path He is waiting to lead you on. In His name I pray this, Amen.

Be greatly blessed of Him ... always!